03 guanita_200

Houanita Snack

01 fume_200

Fume Snack

02 wasabi_200

Wasabi Snack

05 pizza_200

Pizza Flavoured Snack

04 chilli_200

Chilli Snack

06 coctail_200

Cocktail Snack

08 corn nuts_200

Corn Nuts

10 garida_200

Garida Snack

11 peperoni_200

Pepperoni Snack


Krokerino Snack

07 moki_200

Moki Snack

12 meli peanut_200

Meli Melo Peanut

13 meli almond_200

Meli Melo Almond

14 meli cashew_200

Meli Melo Cashew

15 hazelnut_200

Meli Melo Hazelnut

16 pasteli_200


About us

Eurosnack S.A is a Greek company dedicated to the production of coated nuts.


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Find us at:
hall 10.2 stand: C-081.

New Products

Moki Snack


2km Simahiki Street
57008 Thessaloniki, P.O.B 1647
T: 0030 2310 755376-7
F: 0030 2310 755388
E: info [at] eurosnack.gr

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